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Shipping & Returns


We apologize in advance but our processing times as of Jan 1, 2022 are anywhere from 1-5 business days from when payment is made.  We understand everyone wants their order shipped out asap and we always do our best to do so. 



Covid19 - Canada Post has removed any and all guarantees on delivery dates.  Please be patient but do let us know if your package has taken an abnormal amount of time. 

Due to our labs being in rural locations and not a Major City Center, Canada Post will not guarantee shipping times.  Saying this 95% of the packages that we send through Canada post arrive within their specified time frame.  Please note that any claim you would like to make against shipping charges may take up to 31 days as per Canada Post.  Once we receive a credit for your shipping we will then reimburse you. 


From the period of October 1st to the first week of January Canada Post warns about late delivery as it is their busy season.  Please be aware that packages may take longer to be delivered during this time.  


Once your package leaves our facility and a tracking number is provided, the package becomes responsibility of the carrier. Delays or delivery errors by Canada Post is completely out of our control.  For your protection, we provide automatic insurance of up to $100 on all packages we send. 

  • Before we can create an investigation ticket with Canada Post, you must confirm that your package is not with your concierge, a family member or in your mailbox.

  • Canada Post will require confirmation from you whether by phone or email of the missing or damaged package and will not move forward without your consent.

  • Unfortunately, we must wait till Canada Post confirms that the package has been lost(may take up to 31 days) before we can process a credit or re-send the products to you. Else, they will find your package during their trace in a nearby post office and items will be delivered to you at the earliest.

  • We will keep you informed as much as Canada Post keeps us informed with information




Return Period is a maximum of 21 days after the tracking delivery date. This leaves enough time for steeping of your order if need be. 

eg,  Tracking shows delivered on the the 3rd.  You must contact us by the 24th.  

If you feel there is a problem with your order please email us at to discuss it.

As with any business we will ask for the product to be sent back to us to be analyzed. We will reimburse you immediately for the return shipping upon receiving a picture of the package with the tracking number on it.
Analysis will help us understand any mistakes we have made so we can correct them in the future as well as the exact ingredients in the liquid to check for foreign matter. After analysis if the product was found to be mixed incorrectly or a mistake was made on our end you will have the choice of refund or replacement.
If the analysis shows nothing is wrong we will send the product back to the customer with standard shipping.
Please note: We will NOT send out replacements or refunds without receiving the original product back for analysis.

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